Wednesday, 27 May 2015


I have heard that statement all my life so I guess it was very easy for me to integrate this into my belief system.

This is a line from Mid Summers Nights Dream which I discovered when I went to see a fantastic modern version of it in a local theatre last week. My son said "did you spot the famous line Mum?" of course, I did!

If we choose to believe this, then, it is what we get, obstacle after obstacle standing in the way of our happiness. Seldom do we hear "the course of true love just falls into place". Why do we feel like we have to compromise us, make supreme sacrifices, have endless patience and understanding and feel that love must be a challenge Constantly beating who we are up because we do not feel good enough for the relationship.

I felt worn out just writing that last paragraph! Yet, when people are right for each other they both know it and it is easy. Trying to change someone in order to fit or expecting them to change for you is just going to lead to a "power struggle". It explains a lot about power struggles in the Celestine Prophecy but normally this starts to occur after you have known someone about 3- 4 months. Until then they can often be the projection of who you think they are. The perfect prince or princess projection and you see very little fault with them. Although I think it is completely true that you should be open and loving and accept people as they are, you still want to be going in the same direction in the way of goals, aspirations, respect and understanding. If you are hoping that eventually "they will get it" or wake up to some higher spiritual reality then think again. Do you really want a relationship that is a whole load of hard work?

Perhaps, what you do want is a relationship where you can be you and they can be them but making excuses for people when they don't like the real you is not really living in truth. We do however need to have learned to love who we are and be able to think, well actually I am ok exactly as I am. If we are not ready to look in the mirror and say this then it is likely we will attract another relationship which is just a lesson for us to evolve from. We have many soul mates who incarnate to teach us valuable lessons but it is possible to stand back take a long look and ask "have I done this before?". Am I actually going to benefit from this experience or am I just going to play the counsellor, the healer and be trying to convert someone to my way of thinking. If the alarm bells are going off, surely it is better to stay on your own and work on building yourself up to be that strong, balanced, creative and loving person you know you are.  By doing this, you are saving some love for you! Because if we constantly have to heal someone else,  then often we take the focus off us and it is not long until our own energy starts to slip, slide away.

Think about you:-

Do you deserve someone whole perfect and complete?

If you believe you are whole perfect and complete, then,  you will probably say, yes, of course I do, why do I need a whole load of grief!

If you do not believe in you, you may be into "fix it" situations ok, if that's what you want to make you happy. No-one is perfect but on the other hand, some people have worked on themselves and some have not. Some people are open and others can feel closed. Some people don't put up barriers, others do. 

Do you deserve something good in your life?

Or do you deserve someone who is only prepared to give you 50% of them because the other 50% is taken up with their issues. 

Love is unconditional but that doesn't mean we can mould others to suit our needs!  You must remember that when Cinderella found her prince the shoe was a perfect fit. There is a perfect fit for everyone out there so you don't have to push your foot into ill fitting slipper! 

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