Thursday, 2 April 2015

Letting Go

" Letting Go "

Letting go, of course this can relate in many different area's of our lives and where ever you find yourself at this time,or  experiencing a challenging situation we may find we need to be gentle with ourselves and find peace. To take that healthy step back to gather yourself and your energy, letting go can relate on an energetic level, emotional level, and material level. If our environment is cluttered it can also make us feel internally cluttered, bogged down and a sense of feeling disorganised which then can all too easily lead to stress. We then do not know where to start and it can drain our energy and we chase our tail and not achieve anything. By taking some time to clear out cupboards and unwanted items releasing and letting go of what we no longer need or which no longer serves us can help and make a positive difference even on the inside as well as on the outside.

So go through those cluttered cupboards, belongings around the home you feel needs to go perhaps that spare room or living room has gathered far too many objects? we feel a big difference by de- cluttering and feel more connected and more importantly on top of things!

De - clutter can also be in the area of your daily routine and schedule. Perhaps you have taken on too much? Finding yourself saying yes unaware of what has then taken up a lot or all of your time. Be aware of priority and what is important to you, what feels right for you, what you are happy with. It is all too easy to agree with what ever may be thrown at you and without thought we pile more on our plate and people please.

Cut back, create healthy boundaries, delegate, lessen what you take on or perhaps balance tasks over more time. Give yourself time to then fit in some much needed you time and  be ready to enjoy your Summer.

Carolyn Cox

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