Thursday 2 April 2015

The Happy Jar

The Happy Jar

I can’t take credit for this idea as it’s something I read about in a book ages ago, but I would love to share it with you.

All you need is an empty jar, tin or box, a pen and some small pieces of paper.

Each day you write down on a single piece of paper one thing that makes you feel really happy.  It could be a potential family visit, the sound of a blackbird in your tree, the taste of that first cuppa of the day, a happy memory. Anything that makes you feel happy, write it down.

Each day you just add another ‘happy thought’ to your jar. Simple as that.

At any point in the future when you are feeling down in the dumps instead of reaching inside the cookie jar you reach inside the happy jar and take out a ‘happy thought’!

By doing this you’ll save on potential unnecessary calories and get an immediate lift as your mind slips back to a special positive memory.  Also, by lifting your spirits you’ll raise your personal energy/vibration and enhance your aura, thus making your connection with the Divine and your higher wisdom all the more easy.

And all it takes is an empty jar, a pen and a few pieces of blank paper!


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