Monday 1 June 2015


There tend to be Gender Difference on why people have affairs.
Although they are not exact, they do add another layer in understanding the behaviour of your partner.

Difference #1 – Women tend to seek Soul Mates – Men seek Playmates.
The result of this a man does not have to be unhappy within a marriage to have what he considered a fling.  The women in the picture are likely to feel it is for love.

Difference #2 – Women believe that their affair is justified when it’s for love – Men – when it is not for love.
Women tend to attach themselves more deeply to their lovers, both emotionally and sexually, which is one reason why their affairs if the woman is married often leads to divorced.

Women tend to have a problem with seeing a relationship just for sex and as a result tend to confuse the two “L” words.  LOVE & LUST.  The reason for this is upbringing.  Most women are brought up with the traditional feminine virtues are “self-denial, self-sacrifice, self-effacement and most import self-restraint.  That is why it is often the woman he gets the blame for the affair rather than the man.

In general, men believe that extramarital sex is acceptable and even condoned by society as long as it’s only a fling and no one gets hurts – particularly his wife.  It is rare that a man having a fling is actually wishing a divorce – it is far too costly for him in financial terms.  Men tend to minimize the significance of a sexual encounter, seeing it as an inconsequential event, an accident, a momentary release.

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