Wednesday 17 June 2015

Ask The Traffic Lights

This is a very simple idea for decision making which I believe you will find both interesting and entertaining. As it is a mental visualization, it will also help you nourish your 'third eye' chakra and hone your intuitive skills.
That can only be advantageous!

Close your eyes and don't go to sleep! Picture traffic lights in your mind's eye.  Red, amber and green, whatever order you prefer to see them in.
These three lights are all 'off'. You can see the faint red, orange and green but they are all equal. Nothing is standing out.

Now all you have to do is simply address your 'question' to the Traffic Lights. Relax and ask your question (silently or out loud) - seeing the lights in front of you all the time in your mind's eye.

The lights are ahead of you. One of those lights is going to become a little stronger (or very much stronger). As you relax (remember you're waiting at the lights so there's no need to feel anxious or rushed) just let that light shine for you. One of those colours is going to be brighter and say 'look at me'.

If you see RED - stop, your decision or idea is probably not going to work, or at least not at this time.

If you see AMBER - more consideration is needed, don't dash in quite yet. The situation or decision will become clearer with more information or insight.

If you see GREEN - Go for it!  And don't delay or the motorists behind you will start honking their horns.

If nothing lightens up at all don't worry. Drive around the block and try again later. Like anything, practice makes perfect.

Safe driving!

Verity x

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