Friday, 12 June 2015

Journey Into The Past

Journey Into The Past

I took a journey in to the past, just as Dr Who can do in his tardis. I set the time to when I first experienced fear. I did not expect to see myself hovering above my mother during her time of miscarrying me. The story is as follows - 

As I close my eyes and relax in to my awareness of existence, I ask to revisit the time that my fear first existed. The images come very quickly from my mind as I travel back to beyond what I consciously remember. I suddenly stop at an experience that suddenly felt very incredibly emotionally aligned. I saw myself as a baby hovering above my mother as she lay on a hospital bed pregnant yet losing much blood to miscarry. I am travelling in light body to and fro above watching her predisposition when I suddenly feel her tremendous fear and desperation. Her emotional vibration reached me at such a depth that I stopped hovering and with full determination and knowingness I zoomed back toward the womb sure that I was going to make it as I had a mission to complete here on earth and the first one was to experience trauma and fear to be able to heal it. The moment of clarity from hovering above her to feeling that cry for help pulled me so much toward the need to fight and be born that the confirmation of my existence after so much blood loss was quite a shock to the doctors as they were convinced, including my mother, that I had miscarried along with my twin at 5 months pregnant.

I can now say without doubt that from pre birth to what I do now it is very clear that my purpose is to heal emotionally and spiritually and I am incredibly grateful for having the opportunity to travel back and relive the moment that impacted where I am now.

I wanted to share this very personal experience not only to inspire but to give more faith in that no matter how much information is pumped in to the world and shared each day that is much from a superficial level, you exist at a much greater powerful level than you can possibly fathom. Many of you have depression and fear based beliefs from your life paths and the load you carry from your familial journeys but it is important that you know this can all be changed at a cellular level. Much of what you have today is by influence and genetics. Where are you? That is why I now use what I am given and can intuitively channel to connect to find the ‘you’ in you. You were not sick, deprived, destructive or neglected before you came in to this world. It is not the world that has put you in this state. It is the holding on of all that is not yours. You do not make an agreement to carry another's emotions, you make an agreement to learn from them and increase compassion to raise Earths vibration and the existence of human kind.

To describe myself in light body knowing my mission right there has fully validated for me that as souls we all choose our purpose and path here. Before this experience I would have fully doubted such and put much down to influence and learnt patterns of being yet even now these patterns can be broken with the power of delving back to your agreement before you reached the womb. In my case I was already developing and this experience of near death threw me in to the awareness of how much emotion has a lot to do with whether we survive or we leave the physical. Emotion has to want it so much to make it happen.


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