Wednesday 17 June 2015


 “As you climb your mountain, remember you have just been the person behind you.  So, remember, we are all on our individual journey.”

The more we become aware of who we are on a deeper and perhaps more profound level of awareness, the less relevance others opinions matter. Our soul’s evolution becomes one of truth and understanding.  Why would others opinions really matter?  Are we using others opinions as a yard stick for our own spiritual growth?  In my experience, being influenced by others has certainly become a thing of the past.  There are no levels.  It could be argued in biblical terms that “my father’s house has many mansions” is an acknowledgement of these divisions. But do we create these divisions by not connecting to the truth and light of our soul?   How do we as humans see these different levels of existence?  Are they upper, middle or lower or set on a scale of frequencies?   Is the vibration of energy or matter simultaneously creating situations in order for our own soul growth?  Are our experiences so unique that another’s energy pattern is only serving to highlight our own need for yet, more spiritual learning?  Do we think we are climbing an ascension ladder and anyone who stands in our way we’ll use as a stepping stone, to get to where we consider we want to be?  Or, is this our ego acting out yet another scenario which is showing us that we are no more evolved than the next person?

When I was a child, we had many jigsaw puzzles but the one which was my favourite was called “The Post Office”.  I loved this jigsaw.  It had familiar, friendly faces of people queuing and chatting. However, the most appealing thing about it was that it didn’t actually have any sky, filling in the sky on a jigsaw always felt extremely difficult.  In my eyes, one piece of the sky looked completely identical to the next.  I felt that it was an impossible task to complete and one which would be difficult to complete alone.   Each piece of the jigsaw was completely individual.  Yet each tiny piece of the sky appeared to look the same.  In reality, each piece had to be different, in order to make up the whole.  Each interlocking section undoubtedly had its own merit, which I refused to see because the challenge of identifying these slight differences was definitely something I didn’t want to comprehend, let alone engage with.

Many of us have had the experience of feeling of “I know this already,” and as a result, we often make assumptions.  Assumptions I have found, are generally unhealthy.   We can easily get frustrated by others lack of understanding of a situation, which appears to us to be quite obvious. It is easy for us to fall into an assumption about somebody, rather to go to the effort of finding out the truth. Although, people and situations often appear the same, they are often, most definitely not. Something only becomes obvious to us when it becomes our experience, or truth. We may have developed knowledge from being privileged enough to receive that experience.  However, we often don’t view it as a privilege, because some of those experiences may have caused us pain.  On reflection, and with hindsight, we often feel that even if the experience was negative, we have gained the wisdom of learning how to deal with the situation.  We can then offer the benefit of these experiences to others.  They become our pointers or inner directions that we can share, when we talk about lessons learnt!  We are here to learn and it is ultimately our choice whether we chose to punish ourselves in the learning process or see each and every lesson as a gift!


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