Monday, 1 June 2015

Angel Arcana – Your Secret Journey: The High Priestess

An adventure through the Major Cards of the Tarot Deck, in which you may like to reflect upon the message within each card and what it means to you personally.

Now we meet The High Priestess. The High Priestess reminds you that you have unlimited potential. Just believe, accept and strive for what you truly want. Her positive influence is around you now, but this mysterious lady only reveals her hidden secrets, which will be to your advantage, when she chooses! Be patient, listen to your intuition, listen to your dreams and look forward to the future.

Chapter 2
Watery Deeps

The woodland path takes you through a deep and mysterious forest, larger than you first imagined. It is cool and dark, and you would have been afraid if you had not first met the Magician, but your confidence is now back, and the crisp sharp snap of dried twigs and the unfamiliar but fascinating sounds of the strange woodland creatures make a welcome contrast to the previous sunshine and familiar twittering of hedgerow birds.  Now it’s the hooting of owls and the quiet scuttling of small woodland creatures that dominate, and a cloak of mystery begins to wrap itself around you. Or is it the comforting protection of your guardian angel’s wings? Whatever it is, you feel strangely secure, and yet you have a distinct feeling that something very unusual is about to happen.

It comes upon you slowly, but you suddenly begin to recognise the sound of running water, and as it gets increasingly louder you suddenly spot a sparkling waterfall glistening in the moonlight. It is hidden deep in a secluded leafy glade, cool and private, strange and secret. It is simply beautiful, and it fills you with both a wonderful inner calm and a curiosity to find out more about this secret place and its potential inhabitants.

As you watch the bright water crashing onto the rocks below, you see it opening out into a large deep rock pool, and underneath that glorious waterfall, as if showering, is a shimmering female form. You have never seen anything quite like her before. Is she a fairy, a wood sprite, a water nymph, an angel, a real woman or maybe just an illusion?  No, this is the High Priestess, she who hides away from the real world of the conscious mind, secreting herself in the inner depths of the subconscious and intuitive kingdom, where she patiently waits and watches. She has so much to teach us if only we can find her and hear what she has to say.

She says nothing now, but as you watch her you begin to hear her unspoken words. They are words you will never ever forget, and their quiet clarity cuts through the darkness and lights up your inner vision like a blazing flame! This is what she says to you.

‘You can do anything you want, but you must believe in yourself and work tirelessly towards your goals. Listen to your intuition, note your dreams and be patient. I see good things ahead for you, but I will not divulge my secrets to you yet. You have so much unfulfilled potential. Go, continue on your journey, and all will be revealed when the time is right.’

With that she flies up into the air, twirls round in a circle, and dives down deep into the rock pool, disappearing into its deep dark depths. The water shimmers and ripples for a while until nothing remains but silence and calm water returns.

Such is the hypnotic appeal of this fascinating creature, that you feel an immediate compulsion to search her out. You strip out of your clothes without a moment’s thought and dive deep down into the cool clear water. But the sweet siren has vanished, and nothing remains but the flicker of a sensation of sweet laughter from a far distance. You begin reluctantly to swim back towards dry land and the assured warmth of your clothing.

You are nearly there, when suddenly something or someone wraps itself around your legs. For a moment you wonder if it is the High Priestess, but no, you’ve got yourself caught up in a strong whirlpool. Where on earth did that suddenly come from? The water holds you firm, pulling you down, down, down, and down. As you descend, you momentarily catch sight of her, just for a moment, before you are dragged further and further into a watery spiral, an unexpected passage to yet another amazing place.

Just as you feel you can hold your breath no longer, the water suddenly swirls you back up towards the surface, and as your head finally emerges to embrace the sheer pleasure of fresh air, you find yourself in a deep dimly lit chamber. It’s a cathedral-like cave, and at the very far end of it you can see a bright light. Your guardian angel goes ahead towards the light and you follow, swimming slowly and appreciatively toward safety. Your angel flies through the cave into the welcoming daylight and waits for you on a golden sandy beach.

 (To be continued).

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